Case Studies

Case studies demonstrate how Clear-Com's intercom solutions are implemented in fast paced, demanding and high intensity applications around the world. 

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IBC2017’s Technology and Events Team turned to Clear-Com for comprehensive communications solution 

2017 marked the 50th year for IBC, the largest international conference and exhibition for the media, entertainment and technology industries.  IBC’s Technology and Events Team turned to Clear-Com for the second successive year to provide a comprehensive communications solution to serve both the IBC TV operation and the live events held in the Auditorium.  Click to read full case study here

 Dota 2016

Dota 2016Clear-Com Insure Robust, Reliable, and Dependable Communications for The 2016 International Dota 2 Championship
The 2016 International Dota 2 Championship was held at the Seattle Center, a large multi-venue complex. Clear-Com solutions, which included the Eclipse HX digital matrix with integrated FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks, HelixNet digital partyline and Pro850 wireless were able to address the production team's communication challenges in different areas of the venue. Download the full case study (PDF)


Verizon Leverages Clear-Com IP Interfaces for Internal Communications Between Remote Locations
Verizon uses Clear-Com's LQ IP devices for leveraging the company's IP network and the public Internet for broadcasting television news style productions across multiple office locations. 
Download Verizon case study (PDF) or go to the Broadcast Bridge for full story online.


Reliable Communication Thrills Theme Park
Xcaret has equipped its production team with Clear-Com's Eclipse® HX-PiCo, i-Series user panel, and FreeSpeak®, enabling staff to put on intricate performances, safer and more efficiently.
Download Xcaret case study (PDF)

Baku European Games 2015

Ceremonies Communications - Delivering Complexity, Simply
The P.A. People, a Clear-Com Partner, provided Clear-Com intercom systems, CCTV and technical services to the ceremonies of the inaugural European Games held in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Download Baku European Games 2015 case study (PDF)

Commonwealth Games

Glasgow Games Put on a Show with Clear-Com
Clear-Com's Eclipse HX-Omega digital matrix, HelixNet digital network partyline, and FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks were used to coordinate the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games.
Download Commonwealth Games case study (PDF)

La Jolla Playhouse

Regional Theater Exceeds Broadway's Production Standards
By taking advantage of Clear-Com's HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline, La Jolla Playhouse has saved time and resources, improved its production workflow, and surpassed the expectation of UCSD graduate students and Broadway production experts.
Download La Jolla Playhouse case study (PDF)



Private Company Makes History and Changes the Future of Space Travel with the Help of Intercom-over-IP
Clear-Com Concert equips Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) with ground-breaking communication capabilities that optimize teamwork and coordination during spaceflight activities while minimizing travel requirements.
Download SpaceX case study (PDF)



Television Production Team Reaches Peak Performance with Flexible Intercoms  
Clear-Com’s Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix and Encore partyline intercom systems along with Optocore™ interfaces fulfilled the Punk’d production team’s strategic imperatives to attain a faster intercom setup, added flexibility, and higher productivity.
Download Punk'd case study (PDF)


Hell's Kitchen

Sophisticated Intercoms Create Distinctive Production Experience  
Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix, ICS-92 and V-Series user control panels, CellCom Integra wireless beltpacks and HME Pro850 wireless systems ensure reliable and simplified communications as well as facilitate expansive and agile coordination for the production team of Hell’s Kitchen, a crowd-pleasing reality television show featured on the FOX network.
Download Hell's Kitchen case study (PDF)  


Fink Engineering

Delivering Safer, More Effective Healthcare with Dependable Wireless Intercoms  
Exploiting the capabilities of Clear-Com’s CellCom wireless intercom solution for Fink Engineering’s state-of the-art hyperbaric chambers, major medical providers have made significant progress to enhance patient safety and deliver better healthcare during hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Download Fink Engineering case study (PDF)


Leading University Sector College Gains a Competitive Advantage
Ravensbourne outfits their new broadcast facility with Clear-Com's Eclipse-PiCo, V-Series user control panels, and Concert, helping secure their reputation as a key innovator in and influencer of broadcast education. Download Ravensbourne case study (PDF). 

Alley Theatre

Theatre Production Team Transforms Workflow with Flexible Wireless Intercom Systems
With Clear-Com’s Encore partyline and CellCom wireless intercom system, Alley Theatre strengthens teamwork, streamlines workflow, and takes their already superb productions to an even higher level of excellence.
Download Alley Theatre case study (PDF)

Well Enhancer

World-Class Vessel Maximizes Well Intervention Collaboration
Well Enhancer, one of Helix Well Ops’ cutting‐edge vessels, achieves well intervention objectives by improving communications with Clear‐Com’s Encore two‐wire intercom master stations, speaker stations, and wired beltpacks.
Download Well Enhancer case study (PDF)

Oasis of the Seas

Entertainment Team Champions Technology for World's Largest Cruise Line
Oasis of the Seas, the largest and most elaborate cruise line of Royal Caribbean International, depends on Clear‐Com’s Eclipse‐Pico digital matrix, Encore partyline, HME DX200 and FreeSpeak wireless system for clear communications as well as efficient and wide collaboration during broadcast and live productions.
Download Oasis of the Seas case study (PDF)

Jacobs Engineering

Voice Communication Solution Optimizes Work Environment for Rotorcraft Testing Team at NASA
The Jacobs Engineering Team, contracted by the United States Air Force, relies on Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median frame, V-Series panels, and CellCom wireless beltpacks to maintain contact, coordinate intricate procedures, and streamline operations.
Download Jacobs Engineering case study (PDF)