Partner Membership

Rental Companies, that are actively renting Clear-Com equipment and have expertise in one or more market segments, may become members of the Clear-Com Global Rental Group.  GRG Members benefit from a broad range of services, support, and resources offered by Clear-Com.

Benefits of Joining the GRG

  • Gain opportunities for more business growth, expand the diversity of your client base
  • Collaborate with other in-network partners to expand your business activities
  • Receive referrals from Clear-Com clients via our global team of sales managers
  • Exchange of knowledge by developing with GRG members around the world
  • Network to find additional freelance talent already familiar with Clear-Com products
  • Access to specialty communications products, such as two way radio systems and RF over fiber systems
  • Get inside information about new Clear-Com products and solutions tailored to your specific work flow
  • Increase the influence of your voice in providing Clear-Com feedback on new product development; meet more Clear-Com staff to deepen your working relationship with us
  • Participate in factory training and interact with product managers
  • Receive higher-priority and expedited repairs and order processing
  • Be eligible for GRG-member only promotions
  • Assist in obtaining sub rentals from other GRG members to fill out a rental order you are servicing

Companies and individual professionals can join; if your principal revenue source is the rental of communications hardware and professional services.