Rental Support

Strategic Event Production Support through Clear-Com Global Rental Group.

Producing live events today take more than creativity and talent. You also need the right partners with local production expertise and the right set of equipment and best practices to turn your vision into a reality, efficiently and effectively—within available time, manpower and budget. This is no small undertaking.

Do you understand the local requirements and regulations? Can your staff or partner speak the local language in order to effectively collaborate with local resources? Do you have the right production equipment for the job? If you're answer is no to any of these questions, you ought to turn to the Clear-Com Global Rental Group for your next event.

At Clear-Com, we understand your challenge. With over 40 years of experience in providing communications solutions to live event productions, our experienced staff and global network of rental partners have provided communication equipment and support services to over thousands of events around the world and across markets. Our collective expertise is unparalleled.

By working with Clear-Com's network of leading Rental Service Providers in the Global Rental Group (GRG), you gain from our experience. As a group, we collaborate on events, promote our solutions and partnership to production companies, deliver on our combined strengths and expertise, and help you achieve the best possible event.

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