With Thanks

The kind words from our customers and Partners

Thanks for making our lives easier.--@Trotamundos1221
Fired up our new @clearcomsystem LQ system tonight. Very impressed by ease of setup, audio quality and latency. Sounds just like wired!--@TheAngryCaptain
Testing out our new @clearcomsystemLQ system. Communications between two different buildings just became a breeze.--@imryh
Awesome product by @clearcomsystem#HelixNet We were able to use it to connect our remote campus. Thanks @Reachcomm--@RF_DrFun
Okay I was not coming back till Thursday, however I must finish Tuesday business. Rom Rosenblum, whom most of you know from Clear-Com, is the best technical explainer ever. Each time I call on him I come away with a better understanding of my latest technical difficulties. Most of you will never find oddball production communication challenges but if you do there is a guy.--Marc K Kennedy
Clearcom Helixnet in action. Wonderful how easy it is to get a different channel on a pack without having to run a new cable or track down patching.--Joe Foley
Why do I love your product? And why do I spec it on every rider? 
Because there isn't any other communications product I trust more then Clearcom to deliver great results show after show! 
Keep doing what you're doing!--Nathaniel F Beatty
I love Clear-com because their products make communication during my live music events and DJ gigs a breeze!--Paul Costello
Reliable and quality communication is vital to our success. Clear-Com was able to provide us with a way to improve the amount of communication that we had for our backstage crew by increasing the number of people on headsets. This has been a huge help in keeping our production and tech rehearsals moving forward safely and efficiently, creating not only a better product but a better experience for our young performers and their families.--Josh Rose, Production Manager at Children’s Musical Theatre San Jose
Clear-Com is my preferred solution for projects that require systems to be scaled. Clear-Com is a comms system with a comms-focused approach, whereas other companies tend to approach their designs as a signal distribution system that also does comms. Clear-Com gives us more flexibility to do our job.”-- Paul Barret of Pdb3
I have worked for 25+ years in the Pro Audio industry. It is amazing to work with Clear-Com, because they are totally different than all other suppliers I know. They are more professional, more passionate, and their products are solid as a rock! On the other hand, they surprise me every year with their unique, greatly engineered products and solutions you never thought about. Clear-Com is very solution-oriented. Great to be a Partner!-- Thomas Mikus, Sales and Marketing Manager Installation Sound Germany, Audio-Technica Ltd. NDL Deutschland 
We find that Clear-Com’s products, people, and business are a pleasure to work with. You will find that too.  -- Bryan Seeley, Product Manager, Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW)
The choice for Clear-Com is easy – it’s all about possibilities and the people behind it. As a company, Clear-Com provides us great resources both in sales, support, and the gear is just fantastic. Our customers are happy, and so are we.  --Marcus Lundahl, Sales Manager, Danmon Svenska AB / Soundware Sverige
The Clear-Com brand speaks for reliability and stability—which we are proud to represent in the Middle East region. Their products are smart and sophisticated, and we see lots of potential in a future development.-- Constantinos Drimakis, Operations Manager, NMK Electronics Ent
At Studiotech Belgium, we make many customers happy by proposing Clear-Com. Why Clear-Com? Basically for the typical crystal clear ‘Clear-Com sound’, which is still unrivalled. But also for its reliability and the quick response when we need help or support.--Pierre Jonckheer, Sound Specialist, Studiotech Belgium
We have been a Clear-Com Partner for almost 15 years. Today they are really offering the best complete talk-back solution available on the market, including IP connection, wireless, and even mobile apps.--Jean-Philippe Blanchard, Managing Partner, Audiopole
I used to work in IT, and moved to the Broadcast sector about 5 years ago. I do not think any IT vendor—even Cisco—has such a strong market perception as Clear-Com. Sometimes, in system integration projects, we would discuss which products were more convenient, which ones we should use in the project. But we never discussed which audio brand we should select. It was always Clear-Com.--Murat Ozer, General Manager, Basari Yayincilik SIS.CIH
We remain a Clear-Com Partner because of the high standards and innovation that Clear-Com stands for. It’s a perfect fit with our corporate philosophy.--Frans Van Houten, Project Manager, Ampco Flashlight Sales BV
Por medio de la presente me permitió agradecer su profesionalismo y excelente servicio. Ya que damos por terminada la semana de presentaciones en el teatro de la ciudad después de su inauguración del 29 de julio. Fue de gran ayuda su apoyo y el equipo Clear-Com excelente así mismo la capacitación para poder lograr llevar acabó con éxito estas presentaciones. Estamos en contacto y nuevamente reintegró mi agradecimiento a usted y su equipo.--Atte. Eduardo Baruch Aguado, Coordinador Técnico, Teatro de la Ciudad del Municipio de Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, MEXICO.